Want To Show Your Pet Bird Some Love? Here’s How To Pamper It

Published on 03/09/2021
Want To Show Your Pet Bird Some Love Here's How To Pamper It

Want To Show Your Pet Bird Some Love Here’s How To Pamper It

If you happen to be a pet bird owner, you know how much they deserve to be pampered and treated like VIPs. The quirky and silly animals make for great companions. It makes sense why they’re so popular to have in the house. Make some time to treat your feathery friend to some pampering fun. Just like any other pet owner, you know how fun it is to have some quality time with your pet and treating them to something new and fun. So, if you’re looking for a way to do just that, look no further! Here are some ways you can pamper your feathery friend and have the best time with it:

Have a Spa Day

Bathing is an important thing for birds to maintain healthy feathers. Most parrots enjoy bathing in some form or another, so why not make it fun? Set aside some time on a sunny day to treat your bird to an outdoor spray bath. Put your bird’s cage outside or place your bird in a travel cage. Then, gently spray water on it. Aim just above the bird’s head so the water falls down like mist as opposed to a direct hit with a stream of water. After the bath, allow your bird some time in the sunlight – just stay with it while outside.

Have a Silly Conversation

Parrots and other birds tend to love speaking. It’s a fun yet simple activity. This is especially good for birds who are hands-off. Take the time to give your pet all your attention and just talk to them. The best way to do this is without distractions so you have your bird’s full attention. To get them to participate in the conversation as well, whistle and sing!

Have a Movie Night

There are some great bird-themed movies that are perfect for watching with your bird. Think of movies like “Rio”, “Three Caballeros”, and “Paulie”. In fact, a lot of birds enjoy cartoons, so flip on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network!

Have Some Special Treats

A pampering parrot day wouldn’t be complete without some kind of delicacy they can indulge in, of course. Just like any other pet, birds enjoy treats too. Don’t hesitate to ask your vet for some healthy and safe recommendations if you aren’t sure what to buy.

Have a Game Night

It makes sense that birds adore playing games seeing how intelligent and active they are. They need good stimulation to be happy and content, and what better way to do this than playing some fun games? You can find all kinds of great games in pet stores or online. If you want to go the DIY route, you can make some treat games! Think of cutting the core out of a mini apple and then wedging a couple of almonds or mini carrots inside. Not to mention, time out of the cage is something every bird needs to stay happy.