9 Signs That Your Dog Is Not Feeling Well

Published on 11/04/2021

Yes, also dogs don’t feel well from time to time. We’ll tell you how you can recognize it. Dogs have their very own character. And so it is of course not always that easy to recognize which ailments are currently plaguing your four-legged friend. However, the fact is: If dogs are not doing well, this is expressed in the same way in all animals.

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9 Signs That Your Dog Is Not Feeling Well

Less Appetite

With dogs, it is similar to us humans – if they are not well, then their appetite also suffers. If your dog’s eating behavior suddenly changes, there is a high probability that something is wrong.

Your Dog Breathes Differently

If your dog’s breathing changes, such as suddenly breathing very shallowly or panting, this is also a clear sign that he is not feeling well.

Your Dog Has A Different Look

If you have the feeling that your dog is not doing well, it is best to look him in the eye. If these are bloodshot, or if the pupils are permanently narrowed or dilated, you should see a veterinarian.

Different Posture

A change in posture can also indicate health problems. If the head is hanging, your dog is shaking or its tail is trapped, should, you should take a closer look at it.

Your Dog Moves Differently

Similar to posture, of course, your dog’s gait also changes if he is not feeling well. If your four-legged friend limps, limps or only puts weight on one side, he seems to be in severe pain.

Your Dog Is Licking Himself Excessively

If your dog has a wound that is caused by external injuries, tick bites or, for example, crusted fur, he will in all likelihood lick it frequently. If no wound is visible and your dog still licks noticeably often over a certain area, it may be that your dog is trying to clean an internal injury – and then, of course, caution is required!

Behavior Changes

Every dog is different: some prefer to be quieter, others prefer to be kept busy all day. It is all the more important to pay attention to changes in personality. For example, does the four-legged friend suddenly stop chasing the stick or show little interest when you come home? Also, if the animal suddenly snaps at people or other dogs, it could be in pain.

Your Dog Is Throwing Up

If your dog can’t keep food with him, it could be an upset stomach – we humans do, too. However, you should look closely at the vomit to make sure your dog has not poisoned himself. If in doubt, contact the vet immediately!

Your Dog Is Not Responding To You

You call him, but he doesn’t come? If he prefers to sit on his favorite pillow instead of running towards you beaming with joy, then he will not feel well. Humans too like to stay in bed when they don’t feel well.