8 Signs Your Cat Truly Adores You

Published on 04/27/2021
8 Signs Your Cat Truly Adores You

8 Signs Your Cat Truly Adores You

Cats can be hard to read, especially compared to dogs who wear their emotions on their sleeves. Owning a cat comes with a wide array of challenges, like any other pet, really. However, you might wonder sometimes “Does my cat love me the way I love him?”. There are sure ways to find that out. Cats have their own ways of communicating, so it’s just about learning to read their signs. Cats do show affection in their own way. Once you figure out how to read your cat’s love language, you’ll know just how much he loves you.


Starting with one of the more known signs, cats purr when they’re very relaxed and content. They also purr to self-soothe or as a reaction to fear or pain. How can you tell if your cat’s purr is out of love? You need to pay attention to the context. If your cat rubs up against you and purrs in the morning, it’s a sign of attachment and comfort.

Slow Blinking

One way to show a cat that you’re trustworthy is to slowly blink at him. It’s not just a silly thing to do – it’s one of the clearest ways a cat shows affection. To cats, closing their eyes when they’re around other animals or humans is a huge sign of trust. Anything can happen when their eyes are closed, after all. When your cat looks at you and slowly blinks or closes its eyes when you pet them, they’re showing you that they completely trust you.

Showing Their Belly

Another sign of trust is when your cat frequently rolls over and shows you their belly. It’s a major sign that they’re relaxed and happy in your presence. The cat’s soft belly is one of its most vulnerable spots. When they invite you to give them a belly rub, they’re showing you how much they care.


Cats tend to groom the ones they love! If your cat licks you, it means that it’s mixing your scent with his own – a huge compliment. Scent-sharing helps build community among cats and helps them relax and feel at home. If your cat licks you, take it as a sign of their love.

Head Bumps and Cheek Rubs

As we’ve mentioned, scent is super important to cats. That’s how they communicate, too! When your cat “boops” you with its forehead, it’s not trying to be cute. It’s depositing pheromones from scent glands in its head. It’s the cat’s way of marking you as safe. Another form of this method is cheek rubbing. When your cat “marks” you, it’s showing how much it trusts you.

Biscuits and Love Bites

These two things go hand in hand. Kneading, or as people call it, making biscuits, is a sign that your cat is in love. Kittens knead while they nurse, and as they grow up, this behavior becomes a way for them to show contentment. When cats gently nibble you, it’s a playful sign of affection. Naturally, both of these things can leave marks on you. Make sure to keep your cat’s nails trimmed.

Bringing “Gifts”

Cats are natural hunters, so they only share their prey with the ones they trust. If your cat brings you all kinds of “presents”, that means they really love you. They’re sharing their hard-earned prize with you!

They Hang Out With You

Lastly, cats show their affection in a simple way you might not have thought of – hanging out. Some cats might not be demonstrative with their affection, but they’ll still want to spend time in the same room as you. This is a confirmation that they love you!